BOEHM and Intertape Polymer Group INTERPACK group is the largest integrated manufacturer of both tape and case sealing equipment in the world. We have the Case Sealer to meet your needs today, and as your line rows. BOEHM and InterTape/INTERPACK combine to provide a “System Solution” unmatched in market.

InterTape InterPack

When your production requirements call for automated case forming and bottom sealing, Interpack has two processing styles. Interpack case erectors will form RSC style cases, pneumatically fold the bottom four flaps and seal the bottom center seam with pressure sensitive … more

InterPack CE-12P & CEP XL / Oversized Case Erector

The InterPack CE Seres Vertical Format Case Erectors are operator free, automatic machines which will form a knocked down case for an economical price!

InterPack CE-20 & CEO 20XL Horizontal Case Erectors

The InterPack CE Seres Vertical Format Case Erectors are operator free, automatic machines which will form a knocked down case, fold all four bottom flaps, then tape them to create a packable RSC or HSC case. more

BOEHM intertape USA 2024-SB caseSealer

InterPack USA 2024-SB Side Belt Top & Bottom Case Taper

Our flagship case sealer, the USA 2024-SB is the state of the art in high quality case sealing machines

BOEHM intertape RSA 2024-SB W Top Squeezers

InterPack USA Series – Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealers

InterPack USA Series – Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealers more

BOEHM Intertape USA 2024-SB Stainless Steel

InterPack USA 2024-SS Stainless Side Belt Case Taper

This food grade stainless steel, NEMA 4 rated machine is just the answer. more

BOEHM Intertape USA 20-B Sealer

InterPack USA 20-B Side Belt Bottom Case Taper

The USA 20-B is used to primarily seal the bottoms of uniform cases in preparation for packing.

BOEHM Intertape USA 3036-SB 003

InterPack USC 3036-SB Large Case Top & Bottom Taper

Running large size cases?  The USA 3036-SB has the power and construction to handle large, heavy cases. more

BOEHM Intertape 2324 BB Sealer a

InterPack USA 2324-BB Bottom Drive Case Taper

This common drive style provides the benefit of simplicity of design and is appropriate for many applications. more

BOEHM Intertape 2324 BB Sealer a

InterPack USA 2324-TB Top & Bottom Drive Belt Case Sealer

This premium drive style “captures” the case between four drive belts located above and below the case. more

Featured Product

Quadrel Q55

Quadrel Q55

Q55 is a compact, heavy duty applicator capable of speeds to 1000" per minute with +/-1/32" accuracy. The integrated mounting yoke allows the Q55 to b...

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Customer Testimonials

BOEHM worked with us and laid out potential solutions along with the ROI which helped us make our own decision on a new packaging line system. I wouldn’t hesitate to call BOEHM for the next project also.
Dan S. Donato’s Pizza
…BOEHM continues to be our FIRST CHOICE when it comes to labels!
Sr. Elec. Engineer, Abbott Laboratories/Abbott Nutrition
We are happy with the support as far as new equipment and testing is concerned…and are pleased with BOEHM and would recommend their products & services to other companies
Maintenance & Production Team, Perfetti Van Melle Co.
BOEHM went above & beyond to help us resolve our (inkjet marking) issues. We had lots of downtime and maintenance cost…and BOEHM provided us with a new technology inkjet printing system which has been more robust and maintenance free…excellent service too
Trevor H., Mfg Area Leader, Sauder Woodworking
The products and services have been excellent! BOEHM has always been extremely accommodating…
Lisa W. Purchasing, TOSOH SMD